The Bartlett is one of the most common pears. The Bartlett pear gets yellow as it ripens and is quite juicy and sweet making it perfect for a snack. Canning, pies, and sauces are also a great match for the Bartlett. It is available August through February.


The Red Bartlett pear is a gorgeous pear. It turns bright red as it ripens and looks wonderful in any dish and its sweet taste will add wonders to a salad. It's great for cooking! Look for this pear in stores from August to January.

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The Green D’Anjou is a delicious pear. This is a bright green pear often with a soft red blush. The flesh is dense and juicy making it a great pear for salads, baking, and snacking. It is a sweet pear with a hint of tartness. The harvest begins around September and is available nearly all year.


The Red D’Anjou is much like the Green D’Anjou except for its beautiful red external color. It is a mildly sweet pear and juicy when it is ripe. It has a firm, dense texture making it great for salads, baking, pies, sauces, and snacking. The harvest begins in early fall and becomes available late September through the spring months.

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The Seckel pears are tiny yet delicious and are considered to be the sweetest of pears. The Seckel pear is an olive green color and a contains a dark red blush that sometimes covers the whole pear. It is great canned or eaten out of hand. It is harvested in the fall and becomes available from September through February.


The Comice pears are green in color and tend to take on a yellowish color when ripening. They often contain a red blush that sometimes covers the entire pear. Every bite contains a sweet, juicy, creamy blend of flavor. It is great as a snack or with a piece of cheese and also tastes great in salads.  The Comice becomes available in September through March.



The Forelle pear is a beautiful pear. It is green in color and turns yellow as it ripens. The distinct, beautiful red lenticels over a contrasting background make the pear extremely unique. It is a super sweet, moist and crisp pear. The Forelle looks great in salads and tastes great as a snack. The harvest begins in the fall and becomes available from October through March.


The Golden Bosc pear is crunchy yet tender, dense yet silky smooth, and sweet yet spiced. It is a great dessert pear containing a bronze to yellow coloring. Golden Boscs work great for baking, sauces, poaching, and snacking. It is harvested in September and becomes available April through May.


The Starkrimson pear is known for its stunning beauty. This pear is mildly sweet with a hint of floral aroma. The smooth, moist, and juicy characteristics and bold color make it great for a salad. The Starkrimson is harvested in early September and available July through October.